Donkey Kong 2

Click on the game to start playing, use all 4 arrow keys to move and the Space Bar to jump.
When the game ends, press the F5 key to re-start it.

About Donkey Kong 2

Donkey Kong 2 is an old Nintendo game that has quickly become a fun flash game online. Rather than having to buy the Game and Watch hand held console, people can play Donkey Kong 2 right on there own computer. It's simple to use the system, and it's completely free. Now gamers can have a fun classic constantly within their grasps.

Donkey Kong 2 is quite easy to understand. The player acts as Donkey Kong Junior, the on of Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong is trapped at the top of the screen by four sets of chains, each with a pad lock at the bottom. There are four keys throughout the game that Donkey Kong Junior must collect to free his father--one key corresponding to each of the pad locks. Donkey Kong Junior must pass through several obstacles along the way, including alligator infested waters and electric wires. If the player makes it through the entire course without using all three lives given at the start of the game, then Donkey Kong is free and the player has conquered Donkey Kong 2.

To control the console for Donkey Kong 2 from a keyboard, a player simply uses the arrow keys to represent the four cursors, and the space bar acts as a jump button. The flash version of looks identical to the original game console, and all of the buttons on the screen work just as they would with the system in hand. If a player chose not to use the arrow key and space bar, he can use the mouse to push the buttons instead. This is not recommended based on the reaction time needed for each phase, but it is an option. People who choose to use their mouse often use it to jump and maintain the arrow keys for movement. This technique may be especially helpful for people who are used to controlling arrows with their left hands, as most consoles are set up that way. Players can use their left hand to control the arrows in Donkey Kong 2, and then use the mouse for right handed work.

Donkey Kong 2 is only one of the many older Nintendo games that people are starting to put online. Since the games and systems themselves are now virtually obsolete, it's nice to see that gamers still have access to some of the classics. As new gaming technologies emerge and increase in popularity, it seems that the only way to truly preserve the fun and integrity of classics like this one is to archive them on the internet. The web can now act a a giant library of past games that people can still access at any time. Though some people might not consider video games as a source of history, they are a part of the development of modern technology and their impact should not go unnoticed. As long as people keep converting old games into flash friendly applications, the world will never have to say goodbye to timeless wonders like this game.

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