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About Donkey Kong 3

Donkey Kong 3 can makes one's boring afternoon entertaining. Let's take a dig at what goes inside in giving this entertaining series. The game is rather simple when compared to all other high graphic games in the market. It's all been done with the Donkey Kong series, one may say after its 3rd version launch.

One may find it repetitive wit its previous versions and there is no new concept with this version release. The game is rather simple based on preventing an ape from destroying the flowers, fruits etc.The game is rather simple and cannot compete with the high graphics games of this era. It is a game dated back to the eighties. The idea behind the game can be seen in may other games in the past. The game doesn't demand any graphics card to run, thus taking a lesser toll on the gamers. This release of Donkey Kong is less popular when compared to its previous releases. This is a simple 2d game which emphasizes on shooting skills.

The Donkey Kong 3 may sound stupid to this generation gamers. It is very outdated, with just a gun and a running ape around. Stanley, the bug man's appearance in the game has made his popularity to go down, for struggling with a stupid ape! The flowers and fruits are looking kiddish, which dates back to 1990's games. This is not the right choice for the real adventurous gamers. The aim of the game is all to shoot, and one may get bored with this redundant action of shooting!

With the success of the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP, we'll be seeing a whole new generation of games and these games may seem outdated in front of those games. Many will evoke nostalgia of the 1980's games, when playing the Donkey Kong 3! This is a small screen game, which may not be conductive to long hours of gaming. Games on the go are here to stay, but the Donkey Kong 3 may be a bit disappointing for the gamers. It's high time Stanley pops up in another better adventure, to get back all his lost fame. It is hard to recommend Wii points to the game.

Even in the unlikely event that the Wii vanishes from consciousness in a couple of years, it will have us left us with a taste of what it's like to break away from the keyboard + mouse/game controller for interacting wit our games-and have us yearning for different, even bizarre, game styles. It seems that the future belongs to the role-playing games and games like King Kong has less future when compared to these games. The game even though has less graphics, has its own set of fans, who enjoys playing this simple game which does not demand much strategy. The game may be enjoyed a lot by the kids who find strategy games to be tough to play!

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