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Click on the game to start the game, move with the arrows, jump with the space bar.

Donkey kong game by Super Nintendo still fondly remembered as one of the many arcade games one had fun playing ever since it was first launched in 1981. It was one of the many SNES games that we grew up on. Now there are plenty of classic arcade games that one can play online and every one who is into computer games enjoys a bit of old school game playing. There are many on the internet like Pacman, Space Invaders and of course the Donkey Kong and Super Mario series.

About Donkey Kong Game

The era of arcade gaming ended many years ago. It has left behind nostalgic memories. I have memories of spending many happy days and all of my pocket money in the dimly lit game parlors or arcades. However, this is not something to get sad about because most of the popular arcade titles that made you wear out your fingers are now available online. One can once again enjoy jumping over barrels and sliding down ladders or rescuing damsels from the comfort of our own home. We do not need to download anything or even sign in and register. In this article I am giving you a link to one of my favorite place to play Donkey Kong game.

Now there are many games that have graphics that are amazingly realistic, with blood, gore and mayhem to satisfy the most bloodthirsty of gamers. The early arcade games can not even hope to compete with them. They were basic, with crude graphics and the sound effects could drive you over the edge. However they were and still are amazingly addictive. Take for instance Donkey kong game.

Donkey Kong is a huge gorilla who lives in a lush jungle (where else will he live?). As the story goes, his creator Shigeru Miyamoto visualized the character as a stupid ape, and he thought donkeys were stupid, so he named the character Donkey Kong. The other characters are Mario and Pauline, Marios girl friend. Donkey Kong has kidnapped Pauline and Mario has to rescue her. While Mario tries to climb up to rescue Pauline, Donkey Kong throws barrels, fire etc at him. The game goes on to many stages, each progressively difficult.

Gaming has evolved a lot since the olden days. Now one has stronger story lines, more interactive playing formats, in short more realism. However, when Donkey Kong was launched, the gamers were over the moon with the thrill of making characters leap over obstacles or climb over ladders. This game actually became a benchmark for other games to be developed. As an end user of the game, I can vouch for the fact that no matter the age of the gamer, the simply thrill of succeeding in crossing a level after avoiding all the barrels and other stuff Kong throws on you is priceless. In short Donkey Kong is a classic.

This is where one can seriously (and I mean seriously) spend many fun filled hours jumping over barrels and rescuing Pauline. A word of warning though, it is very addictive!

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