Donkey Kong JR

Donkey Kong Jr - you must click inside the game window, then press 5 to insert coin, press 1 or 2 to start playing.
Use arrows to move, use Control or X to jump, Remember to click inside the window if the game doesn't start

About Donkey Kong JR

The era of 8 bit gaming consoles which started off from 1980's till the late 90's saw hundreds of games .there wouldn't be anyone who is used to those games and doesn't know Mario. Mario bros. was the superhero and the character had innumerable number of fans. but then came the game Donkey Kong in which a wild huge giant gorilla is back of Mario even this game did pretty well and a sequel has come after this game the Donkey Kong junior. This game which is a sequel of the original Donkey Kong portraits Mario as the bad person. Many loyal Mario fans could not take this tarnishing of the image in Donkey Kong Jr.

The game starts where in the same gorilla that was chased by Mario in Donkey Kong has been captured and kept in prison. now in this game the son of the Donkey Kong apparently the Donkey Kong junior comes to rescue his father. There are vines to creep and down to reach the prison with fruits on them that can be used to kill the enemies. the enemies are snap jaws ,which are strangely close to animal trips with eyes popped on them .Mario on the top of these besides the cage keeps releasing bird like creatures called the knit pickers. Donkey Kong junior has to climb over the vines escaping the enemies and finally reach the cage.

The game which last for four levels was one of the top 100 games of the killer list of video games .this was one of the best t arcade games of that time. There was always a championship record score for this game .but ironically the game recorded the best score in 1983 almost twenty six years ago when the game was launched first launched and no one could beat the score after the record score . Recently there has been news that someone claimed to finally break the record score.

There are hardly any games of genre of super dad and super sons. Donkey Kong is a super dad and the son Donkey Kong junior went on chasing the villainous Mario to set his dad free from the prison. Games of that age had lot of effect on the kids and this game for sure teaches them that no matter good or bad, dad will always be dad and the most important thing for a child.

Instead of choosing Mario as the villain they could have as well picked up any other character or as a matter of fact a new character as such. Anyways an year after the release of this Donkey Kong 3 was released where Donkey Kong breaks into a green house and is chased by Bug man with his insect spray to kill the insects Kong release .

Later on Donkey Kong evolved as gaming consoles evolved too. It saw stages of 16 bit gaming with NES and then followed by the popular game boy series and then came the 64 bit gaming and finally now it is the era of Nintendo cube and wii with more high end graphic play and gaming platform as such.

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